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  • Post-Cult Counseling/Religious Trauma

    What is a High Control or High Demand Group?

    People often feel connection and purpose within a group. Groups can provide support, enjoyment, and create change. A high control group may offer these things as well—at least at the outset. However, these groups (also called cults) cause harm because they negatively impact our critical thinking and isolate us.

    Was your (religious community, yoga sect, multilevel marketing company, activist group, etc.) a high demand group?

    Possible Impacts of High Control Groups

    * Trouble making decisions

    * Employment struggles

    * Perfectionism

    * Lack of self-compassion

    * Trust issues

    * Difficulty advocating for oneself

    * Hard to envision the future to achieve goals

    How can therapy help?

    * Increase confidence

    * Heal shame

    * Reconnect with authenticity

    * Experience connectedness

    * Normalize feelings

    * Increase tolerance for uncertainty

    * Challenge fears and limiting beliefs

    * Identify meaningful values

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