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  • Group Therapy

     Group therapy offers a unique opportunity to share and grow with others and has been found to be equally as effective as one-on-one counseling. This format is usually significantly less expensive than individual therapy, which can make counseling accessible when funds are tight. (My group therapy fee is $40 per 90-minute session.)

    Benefits of Group Therapy

    • Increase awareness by interacting with others
    • Receive support in a structured setting
    • Process feelings of guilt, shame, obligation, etc.
    • Develop coping skills
    • Work on meaningful goals
    • Increase feelings of connection with others


    Beyond Control: Spiritual abuse, including religious communities and/or cults

     Wednesdays: March 27, 2024 – May 15, 2024

    6:30 – 8:00 pm / Limited to 8 people

    Reach out today to reserve your spot.


    Gen Xistential: Authenticity at Midlife

    Next group dates: TBD

    This group is based in creative and expressive arts therapies and designed for Gen Xers (approximately 42-58) seeking meaning and purpose. No artistic skill required or needed! 

    Call or email for more information. 

    More groups coming soon!