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  • Telehealth Counseling in Oregon

    At this time, I provide 100% teletherapy sessions. Telehealth is not a therapy modality, it is a medium, meaning it’s just another way to experience counseling. People who might choose telehealth over in-person counseling include:

    • those with mobility issues or chronic health concerns
    • public figures and/or folks who do not want to be seen in a therapy office waiting room
    • busy, stay-at-home or working parents
    • people whose professions or circumstances require significant travel (within Oregon or a country that does not regulate teletherapy)
    • those who simply prefer the convenience of videoconferencing

    Note: Teletherapy is not recommended for those who do not possess basic technology skills such as refreshing a web page, interacting with an online portal, and clicking web links. There is no shame in this! However, for now, you’ll probably be happier with a counselor who is doing in-person therapy sessions.

    Current clients can click here if they have forgotten how to log in to the telehealth portal.